I was born in the high and cold city of Guarda and grew up in a village in the District of Porto. Although I always liked architecture, it was sport and music that occupied my free time (and not only ...) during my youth and adolescence.

The need to help me in other ways than just memory to transmit and remember what I observed, came to me in 1996, during the first visit to the Azores. The beauty, the colors, the textures, have an impact on me that, with a borrowed machine, I spend a fortune on rolls and revelations, but I capture and bring with me bits of what I saw there, which, even today, I keep with special care and affection.

Initially with a small roller machine and later with my first digital one, I try to capture what I see and have more or less successful experiences. One of the most hilarious happens when, with this machine attached to a kite and on one of the beaches of Costa da Caparica, I decided to make a “drone” and shoot some aerial images. Everything goes well until landing ... Sony was hopelessly lost to photography.

But, truly, only after meeting Mário and following his constant challenges, do I buy my first real machine and deepen my knowledge.

I accompany you from your first jobs, in the studio and abroad, from high speed to sports, fashion, product, photos for articles from specialized magazines, workshops, and with him

I was collaborating and learning along

these years.

And here I am. Accepting more

your challenge, here I decide

take another step on this long road

learning / execution.

And, like the previous ones:

challenge accepted!

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