I was born in Lourenço Marques, Mozambique, and from a young age I was very receptive to all kinds of arts, always with great interest in drawing and music, passing through photography and fashion, among others.

With a degree in Architecture and Styling, I perfected the aesthetic sense of the creations, with special concern for the fine detail that most often makes the difference.

With a deep taste for demanding experiences, I was able to reach a level of maturity and expressiveness that only time grants us.

In the last few years, as studio photography has become more and more part of my habits, I have improved the techniques necessary for the execution of works with a lot of quality, taking advantage of the knowledge acquired to Launch the Photography - Concepts Book available in Apple Stores Store, sales success.

With a professional studio fully equipped with the best brands of

equipment, allowed me to

the possibility of being able

accept challenges at the most

high level.

Certificado Formador n.º F619202/2015

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