This book contains the main concepts related to photography, from the basic level to a more advanced level.


The great advantage of this book is in the quantity and variety of information it has, all compiled in one book that is dedicated to lovers of Photography.


It is a digital book that addresses the most varied subjects related to Photography, from how to understand the Light, the Exhibition triangle, Photographic composition, Chromatic Harmony, Color profiles and much more ...


The relaxed way in which the themes are approached, as well as the added images and films, allow the reader to learn quickly and efficiently from outside so that he can produce high quality photographs.


Easy to read and with many examples and simplified graphics that help to understand the topics covered. With videos from the PROFOTO equipment brand, you can get a sense of how professionals work in this highly competitive market.


The book contains a variety of themes that can be explored through practice or that can be further developed at a more advanced level.

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Learn the technique of photographing the MILKY Way
(English version)


This book aims to give the reader very complete and advanced information on the technique of photographing the Milky Way, saving a lot of time in the investigation of the matter.

This is one of the techniques most desired by my readers and followers, but it requires more preparation on the part of the photographer than a so-called normal photo.

Planning is as important as the techniques and equipment used and it is necessary for you to be able to take the desired photograph and avoid vain outputs and photos without any interest or technically poorly executed.

Without the proper planning, the opportunity for everything to go wrong increases and the fascination with the subject and the anxiety to get the breathtaking photo can be a decisive factor for the discoloration of some essential factors.

The theme of Astro-photography, although fascinating, if well prepared, is one of the easiest to capture breathtaking images.

To this extent, we will follow step-by-step how to prepare to photograph the milky way and obtain impressive results.


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